”Premature optimization is the root of all evil, 97% of the time; Yet we should not pass opportunities in that critical 3%.” - David Knut

Here’s my introduction::

I’m (almost) a polyglot programmer who solves problems through code. I hate stereotyping and respect other people’s opinion in a workspace.
Even though I know it’s not possible or feasible sometimes, but I’d still prefer writing clean code any day. And smart code isn’t always clean 💡. I’m also always on a lookout for tools that improve my code and my workflow.

I really admire people who understand the value of time and respect flexibility among their colleagues. Remote work is one such example.

When I’m not pushing commits, I think about traveling the world and riding a bike with my wife.

Here’s what I like to work with:

I’m thrilled by bleeding edge. I get bored of using a decade old technology to solve a problem that has been solved decades ago.

Here’s what I do professionally:

I’m part of geographically distributed team called Hubilo. We help bring people together in virtual events and try to recreate experiences that are akin to physical meetups.

I spend most of my time authoring and maintaining Hubilo’s distributed backend.

Here’s my present job title:

Software Development Engineer II (who loves to work all through the stack).

Here’s what this site is about:

Well, this site is basically my blog about all things I like to work on or think about on a daily basis. And at the time of this writing, it is software development and computers.
(I also plan to write posts about stuff that’s not related to development but that’s another story altogether)