Build a Subdomain Service using Nest.js and TypeScript.

October 24, 2022

This article is a follow up to a live stream that I recorded on Twitch. In this live stream we did the following:

• We built a subdomain service (We called it the Pokemon Service!) that can serve different web pages based on the subdomain from which it was accessed from.

• For example, would serve a page related to Pikachu, similarly, etc. The app served requests coming in to * dynamically based on the slug before the

• Along the way, we also talked about clean code and what abstractions or patterns make sense here.

• For this tutorial, we used Nest.js and TypeScript.

• It was a Node.js application and we deployed it to the cloud using Digital Ocean.

Building the Subdomain Service.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel as I plan to do more of such recordings.

All the code for this project lives on this open source repository.

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